Incident Report Requests

Incident reports for EMS and Fire calls can be requested by a party involved in the incident and picked up in person from the Fire Department by showing a picture ID. Third party requestors, such as family members and insurance companies, must make their request through the City Secretary’s Office.

All incident reports are subject to HIPPA laws and regulations and any reports with personal information is subject to review before release.

Incident reports by involved individuals can be requested in any of the following ways:
  • Submission of an online Incident Report Request Form.
  • Email requests to the Fire Department Administrative Assistant.
  • Faxed request to the Fire Department Administrative Offices at 972-317- 3913.
  • Personal appearance at the Fire Department Administrative Offices at 1200 Highland Village Road, Highland Village, TX 75077
**Third party requests received will be considered invalid and must be submitted via the City Secretary’s Office.